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Tough and rugged smartphone case.Dbrand grip vs RhinoShield.

Overdue last year, dbrand introduced the Grip, a bumper circumstance that promised to create your phone ultra-grippy. Together with the Grip now shipping to customers who guaranteed the product on Indiegogo, let’s see how that stands up against one associated with the most popular bumper cases on the industry: the RhinoShield CrashGuard.

Match and finish

Typically the RhinoShield CrashGuard feels extremely much like most cases on the market. It’s made out of a custom polymer that feels sort of plasticy (but not necessarily in a bad way). The bumper’s material does have a matte end that’s supposed to retain it from being too slick, but it still slid somewhat inside my hand.

In house, the CrashGuard has a new “protective honeycomb structure” of which uses “ShockSpread technology” to protect your device from drops as high since 11 feet. While I actually haven’t tested that state, I can say RhinoShield’s bumper did shield several of my phones when fallen from waist height on concrete in the earlier.

On my Pixel two XL, the case sensed secure, but I had been capable to flex the still left and right sides aside from the phone alone easily put too much pressure on them. Besides that will, the CrashGuard feels such as any other bumper circumstance. That isn’t bad, but it doesn’t help it stand out within a crowd.

dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-9 dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-12

The thing that makes the Hold unique and gives this the grippy nature is using the D3O material. People have already made videos explaining the actual D3O different so I would not waste your time showing you regarding it. Instead, I actually will let you know why I, personally, such as having this grippy substance over a plain plastic shell.

So as you can view from the photos, dbrand has positioned the D3O material on all several corners of the watch case to absorb impacts. Added accent parts on the left in addition to right sides also assist you contain the phone, with the front and again side edges helping retain the whole package from sliding off of surfaces whenever located down. Even typically the inner lining helps guard the device from droplets.

While I haven’t got the case in hand long enough to determine this specific, dbrand states that the D3O material will only progress over time. In inclusion to forming for your hand from holding the case, that claims to also end up being more grippy.

There are several drawbacks to this grippy material, though. In my time with the bumper, Over the internet that lint and additional small debris like to be able to stay on it. Typically the other thing is obtaining the case in in addition to out of your wallets. I don’t wear skinny denims, but I did find myself the need to work the case into my wallet because the D3O material kept gripping onto the inner liner.

dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-4 dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-6 dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-7
Among the inner D3O coating plus the pieces facing to the outside, is actually a carbon composite substance. Whilst it also feels plasticy, this frame is what gives the Grip its rigid frame. And despite the fact that it is made upward of a mix associated with carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer and plastic polymers, it shouldn’t interfere with your phone’s Wifi, Wireless, cellular network, or virtually any other types of signs.

When there was one alter I’d like to see in a next-generation Grasp, it would be to be able to have some of the D3O accentuate pieces at the bottom edge associated with the case. Most men and women with large phones generally hold up their telephone with the pinky finger in the bottom as well as the D3O material as it will be more supple than the co2 composite frame.

Credit: dbrand
Power and volume buttons

When I first position the Grip on my Cote 2 XL, I was kind of surprised by just how loud the power in addition to volume buttons were. On the project’s Indiegogo campaign page, dbrand explains how it took its period to engineer the best possible power and volume level buttons in order that they have been extra tactile right out there of the box.

But as I said previously mentioned, they’re really loud. When compared with other cases and also only the phone, the Hold makes double the noises. While I found this specific excellent as a fidget toy alternative, it might annoy many people.

With typically the RhinoShield CrashGuard, I used to be actually unimpressed with the switches — especially compared to the Grip. Most most likely due to the replaceable nature of the switch (more on that below), the power button simply felt loose and rattled around. The volume buttons were alright, nonetheless they performed tend to be upon the more mushy side of things.

dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-11 dbrand-grip-vs-rhinoshield-crashguard-10

Upon RhinoShield’s website, the organization claims which it has taken steps to make certain that typically the USB and headphone plug (when there is one) is fully accessible. This means keeping the slot previously mentioned the I/O wide and shallow enough to take almost every accessory.

With typically the Grip, dbrand includes the 3. 5mm adaptor together with its bumper case for mobile phones with headphone jacks (and the Pixel 2 XL). As the case seems a lttle bit thicker over the port, the company many likely wanted to make certain user’s music accessories still worked well.

I should note of which I tested both fender cases with a handful of USB-C cables of which I had laying about to make sure neither case experienced any issues. I examined Google’s OEM cable for that Pixel 2, one coming from OtterBox, another from Belkin, and even the battery charger for my Pixelbook. All those all worked flawlessly together with both cases, but I actually did have trouble getting Anker’s PowerLine+ cable to be able to link fully with all the dbrand Grip.

As you’re most likely aware about at this point, dbrand is known for the smartphone skins. These, using an adhesive 3M material, let users customize the look and feel of their smartphones. And while these protect devices from small dings and scratches, they are not enough protection for many who would normally have an instance on their handsets.

But because the skins wrap across the edges of the telephone, using them with cases is almost impossible.

With the Grip, dbrand is proceeding to be selling specially-cut skins that will work with its bumper circumstance. This means that in addition to protecting the device from drops with the bumper, skins will be available to guard the device’s rear from scratches since the Grip leaves it open to the air.

RhinoShield, on the other hand, produces its reinforced glass and plastic display protectors as well as back skins to help protect devices. Unfortunately, for devices like the Pixel 2 XL that I am testing these bumpers with, the back skin is unavailable.

Additionally, if you wish to incorporate a little of flair to your CrashGuard, the company lets you replace the bumper’s power button with a collection of different coloured options.

But if the CrashGuard doesn’t fit your style, RhinoShield does make several other cases apply the same type of material and technology to protect your device. In addition, with the purchase of an insert, you can mount the company’s different camera lenses to another instances.

At the finish of this, there is not really a clear champion. RhinoSheild’s CrashGuard is a tested product that I have used on a dozen roughly devices because it works and possesses protected several of them from quite significant drops. Yes, the bumper is pretty plain and appears standard in the current case market, but that might be what youre looking for in a case.

The dbrand Hold is obviously the beginner in case market, but the company comes out swinging somewhat thanks to its years of smartphone accessory experience. And unlike old case makers that keep the circumstances, dbrand is by using a new material in a way that protects your device better than a plastic shell as well as providing more grasp.

dbrand Grip RhinoShield CrashGuard
Where you can buy
If youre considering the RhinoShield CrashGuard, you can pick it upward for almost any device on Amazon or the company’s website for around $25.

At the time of this writing, dbrand is still distributing the Grip to Indiegogo backers and isn’t accepting any new orders. I’m positive as soon as the company is done with this task, dbrand will get started selling Grip through its website for old and new handsets. Costs haven’t been officially declared, but based on the Indiegogo backer tiers, it appears as though dbrand values the Grip + skin at $60


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