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G’z EYE Tough Rugged action Camera Review

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G’z EYE Tough Rugged action Camera Review


Is the first rugged action camera from Casio G shock. With the classic g shock rugged look. The G’Z EYE GZE -1 is an awesome pick of a camera. It is made to withstand the harsh waves of the Pacific Ocean, the rugged snowy mountains of the Himalayas, the busy streets of Manhattan, Desert Biking and practically any environment you subject it to.

GZE-1 Key features

  • Lens: 13mm (converted to 35mm film format)
  • Effective pixels: 6.9 megapixels
  • Operation: Direct control & smartphone app.
  • Memory card: microSDXC compatible (memory cards sold separately)
  • Movie image quality: FHD
  • High-speed movies: 240/120 fps
  • Battery life (still images): Approx. 355 images (CIPA standard)
  • Battery life (movies): Approx. 70 min. (CIPA standard)



Design of the Casio G’z EYE Rugged Action Camera

It is made of a tough rugged material that can withstand any harsh conditions and also feels cool whether you’re shooting or just carrying it around. A design that is suitable for both street and extreme situations. The GZE-1 measures 74.1 x 75.0 x 46.4mm and weighs 172g .The tops of buttons are covered in a ridged surface, and a slit runs around the edges of the main body and the back cover, for increased grip.The gz eye endures shock and vibrations with a shock resistant performance. As it can withstand a drop of upto 4m. Ideal for a situation such as action sports and adventures where drops from heights and a lot of collisions.

G’z EYE Body design

G’z EYE fits in the palm of your hand, with a design incorporating elements that allow the device to stand on its own and be distinguishable from top to bottom. The contoured bumper-shaped areas are used for not only to guard the lens and buttons, but also to act as guides to fix the grip position.

Button layout

In order to capture that definitive shot under severe conditions, the layout has been designed so that the device is fully operable even without looking at it, with the buttons being enlarged and positioned accordingly. Perhaps the most important button, the Movie button, is given a central location and accented with the color red.

Back design

Great attention has been given even to the design of the back, which uses a stainless steel panel which gives the Action camera a high quality feel

LED indicators

LED indicators are positioned on the front of the body. These indicate with clear lights how the device is operating, such as by showing the device’s power and wireless connection status.


Survive freezing conditions.
When winter comes, and the action gets hot, G’z EYE will withstand low-temperature environments down to −10°C, so you can use it in locations ranging anywhere from the ski slope to the back country. Snowboarding and skiing can be captured without compromise.Acceptable temperature range during use: −10°C to 40°C. Note, however, that if the temperature of the battery falls below 0°C, operations that require wireless connectivity will not be possible. As temperature falls normally, battery performance will decline, which will reduce the possible shooting duration and the number of images that can be captured. When using the device, ensure that the temperature of the spare battery does not drop too low.

Sand and Dust Resistant
With its IP6X-standard dustproof design, G’z EYE shuts out sand and dust. This allows it to be used even for off-road activities, such as BMX biking. And if the camera becomes dirty, you can use water to wash the dirt off.

G’z EYE has a IP68 Waterproofing up to depths of 50 m
Are you a surfing die hard or a deep diving fanatic? Then the G’z EYE has got your back. The action camera can withstand a depth of 50 m. The Water-resistant is an IPX8. Which means it Survives continued immersion at depths up to 50 m for 30 minutes, and can endure direct splashes from all directions.. The highly airtight construction means that water will not penetrate the device even when it is subjected to crashing waves, and the device is waterproof to depths of 50m. G’z EYE also mounts on your surfboard to capture you in action.

Shock resistant

G’z EYE cameras won’t break, even when dropped or hit by other objects. G’z EYE cameras were designed under the assumption that they would be subject to shocks from hitting the ground or falling during activities like skateboarding or street dance, leading to shock resistance that protects against drops from heights of up to 4m.

Video and Images Shooting

Slow Motion
When shooting a video, press the Slow button to momentarily capture high-speed video around the time you press the button at a frame rate that is four times or eight times higher than usual. Use this feature to, for example, capture jumps or decisive moves in extreme sports. Capturing dramatic moments like these in super slow motion, moments which would otherwise be over in a flash, allows you to add a cool presentational element to your videos. You can apply Slow Motion any number of times within a single video, for videos that feature dramatic scenes where the action continues moment to moment.

Super-wide-angle shooting

G’z EYE features a lens capable of super-wide-angle shooting: 170.4°* for movies shot in FHD and 190.8° for still images. By covering a wider area, it’s easier to ensure that the subject stays in the frame even when you’re operating the camera in no-look mode, and to capture images without being concerned about the precise angle. When shooting selfies at short distances or when creating videos from the perspective of the subject, the super-wide-angle lens allows you to include more of the background in the frame, allowing you to achieve videos that offer a more realistic depiction of the scene.

The dedicated app “G’z EYE”

The Action camera comes with a dedicated Android and Apple Application which can be used to do the following:

Capture images by using the app
Use the smartphone app to remotely control the camera, to shoot still images and videos, and even to control the timing of Slow Motion effects.In addition to the regular shooting mode, a mode is provided that allows you to use the entire display to show only the shutter button and the Slow button. G’z EYE vibrates to give feedback whenever you use one of these touch controls, allowing you to perform image-capture operations without having to look at the screen. Concentrate on the action in front of you during shooting.

View images from the app

Use the app to check images stored on the camera. You can filter the images that are displayed, as well as execute simple playback of videos. Transfer only the images you like to your smartphone. You can also perform other operations from the app, such as deleting, rotating, and protecting images.

Camera settings
Settings required for capturing images, such as the shooting mode and video quality, as well as various other G’z EYE settings, can be configured from the app.


Custom-made accessories to further enhance G’z EYE performance

  • Chest harness-Secure the position of the camera on your chest, to maintain your shooting angle even during heavy movement. Shoot videos from your own perspective, hands-free.
Carabiner with stand
  • Carabiner with stand-Attach to your clothing or a bag to prevent dropping when carrying the camera.
    A collapsible stand is included that can be attached to tripod screws.
Carabiner with stand
  • Gimbal-Regulate the position of the camera by using an electric motor to reduce camera shake when shooting. The gimbal is IP55-rated for performance that offers dust-proofing and resistance to water droplets.
    Attach the EAM-4 multi-angle stick (sold separately) to further expand the camera’s ability to take selfies and be used for other styles.
  • Remote controller-Start and stop shooting. Includes two attachable belts, long and short.The remote controller’s shock resistance prevents damage from drops from heights of up to 4.0m. The controller’s water-proofing is rated to a depth of 50m with protection equivalent to IPX8 and IPX6 standards, and its dust-proofing meets IP6X standards. Note: The controller cannot be used when G’z EYE is used underwater, because Bluetooth® signals from the controller will be unable to reach the device.
  • Controller with LCD-This controller features a 3″ TFT color LCD screen, allowing you to check the angle of the camera on the screen while shooting. The shock resistance of the controller with LCD prevents damage due to drops of up to 1.7m. The controller’s water-proofing is rated to a depth of 1.5m with protection equivalent to IPX8 and IPX6 standards, and its dust-proofing meets IP6X standards.


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