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10 Best Tough and Waterproof Smartwatches for women,2018.(It doesn’t have to be rugged.)

best waterproof smartwatch for women 2018|

10 Best Tough and Waterproof Smartwatches for women 2018. (It doesn’t have to be rugged.)

waterproof and Ip rating smartwatches

Ip rating is the new fashion for gadgets nowadays. Most flagship phones from the best manufacturer come with the IP rating. This is very important for many people. IP rating shortened from ingress protection are used to define levels of sealing, effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture.
But when we hear that a device is tough, we normally associate it with ruggedness and un-ladylike. That should not always the case.

Due to that  I searched all over the internet and I compiled a comprehensive guide of the best tough smartwatches for all the tough women and ladies out there. Yeah, tough doesn’t have to be rugged.

This list focuses on smartwatches that are designed for women, that is they are suitable for women and can withstand being submerged in water for up to 50 meters. This submersion level is suitable for women who like to go swimming, surfing or shallow water diving, and those with active lifestyles who water the best waterproof and tough smartwatches.

Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 2

waterproof apple watch 3


  • IP68 up to 50M water resistant for 30 minutes and dust resistant
  • multiple female finishes
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • small size
    works with iPhone only
    You damn right I would start with these gorgeous apple babes. The Apple 2 and apple 3. Yeah, Apple is known for its sex appeal in their devices. They were definitely the first in the market to come up with female-friendly smartwatches and as far as I know, they are the most successful in marrying both beauty brains and toughness on smartwatches.
    Therefore they come top of my list of female-friendly tough and waterproof smartwatches for 2018. You mean just look.

I bet designed for women at heart.

Below are some of the reasons why this Apple watch 2 and 3 featured in our list of the best waterproof smartwatches for women in 2018.

The apple 3 comes with a small 38mm casing, but also a choice of the big 42mm
and comes with straps that are customized for women.
The Apple Watch 2 and Apple 3 you can also find an accelerometer, a standalone GPS sensor, and a heart rate monitor round back. NFC is also onboard both with support for Apple Pay and GymKit. There’s an LTE version as well so you can go with that for an extra cost or just stick to the wifi version. And when you get the LTE-enabled variant of the Watch 3, you’ll be able to use the new Apple Music streaming capabilities: Apple Music directly, and Beats Radio. These are both accessed the most simply through Siri – you can tap through the Watch to get there. and boasts a day full charge.
The apple 2 and 3 smartwatch comes with a water-resistant shell to 50 meters. As is the case with other 50-meter water-resistant watches, Apple says it can be used for shallow water activities such as swimming in a pool or the ocean but should not be used in activities involving high-velocity water or deep submersions such as scuba diving or water-skiing.

Micheal Kors access The Sofie

Michael Kors access The Sofie

Micheal Kors access The Sofie is a beauty of a smartwatch. I know every lady would die to have it on their wrists It combines beauty brains and toughness.
the Micheal Kors access The Sofie comes with an IP67 certification. Which means its water resistance to up to 1 meter for 30 minutes so it can withstand light exposure to water such as light swimming showering
and Its also dust proof.
The toughness beauty and elegant design will definitely differentiate you from the rest.

IP67 certified water resistant to 1 m for 30 minutes and dust resistant
Luxury-Design, Chic design
Solid build
Customized designs

The android app is minimal while iPhone app lacks lots of customization
High pricing lacks GPS and Hear rate monitor
I got into details why this Smartwatch featured on our list of the best toughest smartwatches for ladies in 2018

MK a fashion brand came with an upgrade of Acess Smartwatch the Sofie which has 42mm stainless steel casing with an IP67 water and dust resistance certification
it has a 1.19 inch AMOLED touchscreen display Which produces crips display even in bright sunlight and supports always on. The display is 390*390 pixels round with a resolution of 463 ppi

Unlike the LG Watch smart, the Access Sofie doesn’t come with additional sporting features like GPS, Heart rate monitor. Therefore this makes it not suitable for gym swimming and running. It comes with Wear os 2.0,512MB ram 4GB storage 300mAh battery which lasts the whole day and Bluetooth 4.1

MK Acess Sofia is an awesome Smartwatch Combining both beauty, brains, and toughness As it offers luxury as well as water and dust resistance. So The Sofie its a yes for me. You should definitely look for it.

LG Watch Style.

Image result for LG Watch Style.

Unlike Kros the luxury type, the LG watch style is a premium minimalistic smartwatch that is comfortable to wear and does all the jobs of a smartwatch.

simple minimalist design
IP68 up to 50M water resistant for 30 minutes and dust resistant
Android wear os and play store

poor battery
Basic functionality

Being the first smartwatch to ship with wear OS. The LG watch style is a tough smartwatch that appeals to ladies, unlike its cousin the LG smart sports version.
The smartwatch is small and pretty, and below are the reasons why this watch featured in this list

LG watch Style review: Design

Ip68.this watch is IP68 rated for water and dust resistance. This means you can swim with it. Yes, you had me right. IP68 means the watch can withstand up to 3o meters submerged for 30minutes straight. This is actually a winner in this category. So ladies want to take your watch next time you want to go swimming? Do you have an active lifestyle or job then take this, the LG watch smart with you.
It has a slim body made of stainless steel with a plastic back. It doesn’t feel cheap as LG watch urbane but the material doesn’t feel as premium as the  Tag Heuer Connected Modular but an average like the Fitbit Versa. Its lightness makes it comfortable to wear and recommended for women as it looks good on smaller arms wrists.
the straps are easily changed. Therefore you can replace them with a customized more ladylike straps.

LG watch Style review: Display

Has a 1.2 inch OLED 360*360 resolution which is decent and has a pixel density of 299 ppi with a circular display. Which displays crystal clear text. Controlled by fingerprint as well as a rotational control and has a complete round display which makes it feel like a real watch

LG watch Style review: Battery and performance

Qualcomm SD210 chip processor, 512MB RAM 240mAh BAtteryAndroid Wear 0s 2.0
It has a smooth and fluid performance and the reduction in RAM saves on the battery usage, Notifications though were not so responsive as they delayed for a moment.
It has Google assistant which can enable you to interact with the device with voice,
THough it doesn’t have LTE support, NFC Heart rate monitoring capabilities, unlike the LG Watch Sport.

This is it, ladies. Go for it if you like smart simple watches that doubles as a fitness tracker.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular

Image result for Tag Heuer Connected Modular

waterproof smartwatch for women

A member of the smartwatch royalty
the premium of smartwatches, the king of classics watches, the panther to the black…panthers yes the tag huer Connected modular 45


A watch you actually need
IP68 up to 50M water resistant for 30 minutes and dust resistant

too expensive
big in a way

It’s a fashion watch, A status symbol, Yes, it’s up there in the smartwatches industry. The iPhone of phones, the Maserati of the fiats, the this a brand a brand that actually has value. A perfect marriage between fashion and tech. Yes, it might be expensive big in a way but its the most fashionable and tough smartwatch to wear out there.
So, ladies, I offer you the knight to your shining armor: The Tag Heuer Connected Modular

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 review: Design

Good design
Premium metal finish
The watch was designed with great looks at heart the straps the body, the colors. You also choose the straps lugs that you want therefore it can go with your outfit. Yes, It can match your outfit. Where are those awws! and screams? Ladies? anyone?

Tag Heuer Connected Modular review: hardware performance and specifications

The smartwatch comes with Intel Atom 234XX,512MB Ram 4GB storage, GPS, NFS, motion sensors Bluetooth, wifi but no LTE, and Android Wear os, A perfect complete smartwatch which also functions very well and its fast.
It does not have a heart rate monitor, SO it’s not a sports watch per se, therefore, this can be a deal breaker for many.
It has a great display 1.39Inch AMOLED display 400*400 pixels(287ppi)with crystal sapphire glass for protection.
And has a 410mAh battery with a magnetic charge.


This is a winner for the ladies. So the nxt time you are asked what gift you’d like for a birthday or that anniversary. You know what to suggest. The best cool awesome smartwatch money can buy.

Fitbit Versa

Image result for Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa comes with an Apple-lish Design Which looks premium and still maintains being lightweight and tough.
This is a Fitbit, We all know Fitbit as a major player in the fitness Industry. Therefore the Versa will have your back in those cut tummy workouts, at the gym and yoga session or even those swimming lessons.
IP68 up to 50M water resistant for 30 minutes and dust resistant
Classic Fitbit capabilities
4day battery


must use a phone
Being the second smartwatches from Fitbit after the Fitbit Ionic, it actually came with real improvements. the Fitbit Versa comes with a 50 m water resistance, which means they are rainproof, splash proof and can stand even the sweatiest workout. So its suitable for swimmers and you won’t have to compromise anything.
Its a Fitbit it never disappoints.

Fitbit Versa review: Design

Slimmer than the Apples watch it comes in silver, black and rose gold. And a comfortable band, which is good for ladies.
Its loaded with classic Fitbit tools as it tracks periods of sleep, steps, and exercise so that you can monitor your workout with ease
paired with Fitbit Coach. Therefore the watch can guide you through your workouts. You simply have to watch a video guide on the watch and the watch actually times you as you do the workouts that you were shown in the video. No more I need a personal trainer. The Versa is everything a personal trainer is and more.
the battery stays for days which is cool

Fitbit Versa review: verdict.

This is a great fit for the ladies who want a smartwatch that has health and fitness tracking built into it and also looks elegant. A good Smartwatch from Fitbit

Kate spade Scallop Touchscreen

Image result for Kate spade Scallop

At CES 2018, Kate Spade released their first smartwatch running wear OS. Therefore to all the ladies out there no more masculine and rugged smartwatches. You have something for yourself Long are the days that smartwatches had to be masculine in design.The Scallop is a timepiece for you.


IP67 certified water resistant to 1 m for 30 minutes and dust resistant
interchangeable straps
slim and lightweight

Limited IOS Capabilities
poor battery life
SO its

Huawei Fit

Image result for huawei fit

This is a fitness smartwatch from Huawei.Unlike its elegant cousin the Huawei Elegant. The Huawei fit is capable of tracking your activities such as sleeping patterns, workout, and even calories.

The Fit is IP68 rated, 5 ATM water resistant. This means the watch is waterproof to up to 50 meters for 30 minutes. Therefore you can even go scuba diving with it.

Below are some of the reasons why this Huawei fit featured in our list of the best waterproof smartwatches for women in 2018.


    • Discreet, traditional look
    • Waterproof 1p68 rated 5ATM water and dust resistant
    • Heart rate and sleep tracking
  • Supports stop-and-go workouts


    • Spotty value for the cost
    • Limited functionality compared to the competition
  • Error-prone interface

Huawei Fit Review: Design

The Huawei fit is chic, looks great and suitable for everyday workout and usage for women. People won’t even notice you are wearing a fitness tracker. Therefore it is not just a fitness, this smartwatch will survive in the gym, shower, and deep sea diving and surfing. This is because it comes with the ip68 rating. Which can withstand up to 50 meters of submersion for 30 minutes. So go on girl, take this watch whenever you go.

Huawei Fit Review: Features and performance

the smartwatch comes with a heart rate sensor, Accelerator and a gyro meter, Bluetooth connectivity. with a 6 days battery life per charge. Therefore the Huawei fit will be able to monitor your every step be it running, walking or even when taking that swimming lesson.

Huawei Fit Review: Verdict.

Yes, This is the best among the waterproof smartwatch featured in our below list of the best waterproof smartwatches for women in 2018.With an IP68 rating i.e 50 meters water resistant for 30 minutes with very feminine looks. We recommend women to get this smartwatch.

Asus Zenwatch 3

 zenwatch 3
Zenwatch 3 waterproof smartwatch for women

Released in 2016, the Asus Zenwatch 3 is still a great Smartwatch. 2 years down the line the Zenwatch still beats most of other latest smartwatches available in the market.

The Zenwatch has a feminine design and water and dust protection. Therefore it had to be featured in this list.


ip67 rated

Great feminine design


No heart rate monitor


Zenwatch 3: design

Measure 45mm diameter and therefore its a large device and with a 1.39 inch 400*400 pixels AMOLED Display with Gorilla glass 3 for protection.

The watch comes with WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, with a battery of 340mah which supports quick charge, which mainly available to smartphones. The quick charge charges the battery to 60% in 15 minutes.

Asus Zenwatch 3 review: performance

The smartwatch is ip67 rated. Therefore it can withstand light water exposures such as rain and showers

Water Resistant explained

Water proof and water resistant when it comes to tech products like smartwatches, phones, camera etc have been widely misunderstood. IT can be clear that no tech product or device can be completely and utterly resistant to water but there’s actually a system that can be used to know the extent to which a device can withstand water penetration. This is the ip rating.

the higher the rating the better the protection

IPX-0: Absolutely no protection against water whatsoever.

IPX-1: Protected against vertically dripping water for a short amount of time when object is oriented normally.

IPX-2: Protected against vertically dripping water when object is tilted up to 15° from normal orientation.

IPX-3: Protected against water falling as spray when the object is rotated up to 60° from normal orientation.

IPX-4: Protected against a splash of water from any direction.

IPX-5: Protected against 6.3mm nozzle stream of water from any direction.

IPX-6: Protected against 12.5mm nozzle stream of water from any direction.

IPX-7: Protected against ingress of water when object submerged up to a 1 meter depth.

IPX-8: Object suitable for continuous immersion in water at a depth of more than 1 meter.

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