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Best Tough & Rugged External SSD and Hard Drives

ADATA SD700 External Solid State Drive

ADATA SD700 External Solid State Drive

Compact and Powerful USB 3.1 External Drive with 3D NAND SSD
Popular budget maker ADATA provides one of the most effective rugged SSD options with the SD700, a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) drive including 3D NAND technologies, IP68 dust and water security (if the USB port cover is closed), and military-grade shockproofing. The SD700 has read/write rates of 440MB/s and 430MB/s and measures a svelte 3.3 x 3.3 x 0.5 inches and weighs only 75 g for superior portability. The SD700 is available in yellow or black and in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants.

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SanDisk Extreme Portable rugged SSD

The Extreme Portable SSD is SanDisk’s smallest rugged SSD drive and like the SD700 is a superb choice for photographers and videographers with read speeds around 550MB/s. The Extreme Portable SSD is rated IP55 for dust and water resistance so it should be adequately shielded from dust and heavy water splashing. It measures 0.348 x 1.951 x 3.787 inches and weighs only 38.9 g. Other features include shock resistance (as much as 1500G) and vibration resistance (5g RMS, 10–2000HZ). This drive has a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) interface with USB Type-C port and also has a cable adapter for USB Type-A.

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SanDisk Extreme 510 rugged SSD

SanDisk Extreme 510

The SanDisk Extreme 510 is a 480GB outside USB 3.0 driveway with a rubber bumper and tough exterior which protects it from drops around 5.9 feet. It’s an IP55 rating for resistance against dust and protection from rain and splashes. A metal clip allows the drive to be attached to a bag for use on the go. The added SanDisk SecureAccess software uses 128-bit AES encryption to keep your files private.

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ioSafe Portable Rugged SSD

The 1TB Rugged Portable Aluminum SSD from IoSafe transfers your files to and from a computer via USB at a speed of up to 5 Gbps. It features USB 3.0 technology that keeps up with the rapid transfer speeds and is backward compatible with USB 2.0. Even though the drive weighs only 1.3 pounds, it can withstand weight of around 2500 lb. With IP68-rated watertight casing, the SSD protects your information from flooding or full submersion up to ten feet. It can also keep your data safe for up to 72 hours under fresh or salt water. For protection against theft, the SSD features a Kensington security slot machined into its solid metal outer wall. This slot supports a normal Kensington security cable (sold separately).

USB 3.0/eSATA SuperSpeed Interface
Transfers data at a rate of up to 5 Gbps through USB 3.0
800 Mb/s via FireWire 800
Data Recovery Service
Includes one-time data retrieval if needed for any reason (requires registration of product with ioSafe)
When the data recovery by ioSafe is not successful, ioSafe will cover up to $5,000 USD to some third-party data recovery service of its choice to extract the data
Software Support
Upon proper activation of Data Recovery Service, you can download Genie Timeline Pro full version backup software
Easy, block level, open file and OS Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software for Windows users
Disaster recovery for entire hard drive including settings and programs, roll back and AES encryption features for the ultimate protection
Apple Time Machine fully supported (reformat of device may be required)
After successful DRS activation, you can optionally download TrueCrypt AES-256 Encryption Compatible3; an open source, encryption applications
CNC machined enclosure from a solid billet of aluminum (Al)
Crush resistant to up to 2500 lb
Complete suspension in all six axes of motion
Optimized for data loss protection from drop and shock of 20′ drops
Protection Against Chemicals and much more
The home can protect your data for up to 1 hour at 12″ thickness when the drive is fully immersed in diesel fuel, oils, hydraulic fluids, or aircraft fuels
Also protects your data against continuous exposure to UV, blowing sand, blowing dust, rain, salt fog, icing, or freezing rain
Protects data even when USB plug is in
No demand for a connector cap to keep data protection

LaCie Rugged SSD Thunderbolt

Well-known for their rocky traditional hard drives, LaCie also offers rugged external SSD drives with an integrated Thunderbolt cable and USB 3.0 port. The Lacie Rugged SSD drive comes with an IP54 rating for protection from dust and water splashes. It’s drop-resistant to 6.6 ft and crush-resistant, having endured an evaluation of being driven over by a 1-ton vehicle. The Thunderbolt series can be available in a USB-C variant.

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LaCie Rugged All-Terrain Hard Drive

The LaCie Rugged All-Terrain external hard drive is housed in a very hot-looking, eye-catching, bright-orange rubber bumper that protects the device from shocks. Aside from the colorful bumper and the scratch-protected aluminum casing, the drive boasts a no-frills, straight-to-the-point layout. LaCie says the maximum drop height to be 35 inches while at non-operating mode. (It urges not falling the drive while it’s operating.) We pushed it off a desk (about 30 inches ) a couple of times: it survived the fall and functioned just fine, along with the rubberized bumper prevented the borders out of denting, too. There are two variations of this Rugged All-Terrain drive: USB 2.0 only and triple interface, including USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and FireWire 800. Each one these ports are bus powered, meaning you don’t require a separate AC adapter for the drive. In case your USB bus does not provide enough power, it is possible to attach a second USB cable (supplied ) into the power port on the driveway. You will want two free USB ports to perform this.

G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt Rugged, All-Terrain Drive Solution

G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt is as rugged1 as you want to be. This all-terrain drive solution with tethered Thunderbolt cable shields a high quality, lightweight2 removable G-DRIVE ev RaW USB hard drive. Featuring a watertight3 drive compartment, your data is further protected from pressure, shock and dust. The ev All-Terrain Case is compatible with the Evolution Series, also fitting the G-DRIVE ev or G-DRIVE ev Raw SSD. Perfect for in the field back-up, editing, transferring and storage, this durable 7200 RPM drive leverages the speed of Thunderbolt while providing you with flexibility and the ease of use of USB. Formatted for Mac®, it can be easily reformatted for Windows® and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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